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We offer a wide selection of programs that focus on the holistic development of individuals and society. Our flagship programs cover aspects that are relevant to our day to day lives- from interpersonal relationships to introspective questions.

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Our vision is to create a space where everyone has access to education, protection and sustenance of skills to improve mental health and well-being. To enable this, we provide content in the form of videos, podcasts, blog and articles, in both Hindi and English.

Take Assessments

When it comes to gauging where you stand on the mental wellness spectrum, it does not do well to guess. Our free resource of scientific self-assessments has been developed by trained professionals and allows you to understand and evaluate your well-being.

Mastering Wellness

Mental Wellness is a desirable state of mind- one in which we are calm, in control of our actions and participative in our community.
Mastering wellness is very important because it allows us to embrace life through the highs and the lows.


Adolescence is not an easy time for kids. Along with undergoing physical and emotional changes, they are, for the first time in their lives facing the world outside without parental guidance and protection. Processing all of this can be pressuring and may result is mental tumult. They may face a wide range of problems from exam stress and bullying to substance abuse and aggression. A healthy adolescence is important to ensure a well-rounded adulthood for the individual.

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Work Stress

The majority of an adult’s life is spent at their workplace where they are under extreme pressure to compare, perform and excel. Typically, the workplace environment brings together individuals with a wide range of differences which inadvertently cause conflict. Some may also face issues like discrimination, harassment, low motivation and communication problems. It becomes essential t understand how to cope with these to maintain a sense of peace of mind.

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Interpersonal relationships, especially romantic ones are amongst the most complex and delicate bonds we form during our lifetimes. Every relationship has its ups and downs, and while everything is rosy at the highs it is crucial to know how to get through the lows. Since almost everybody is (or expects to be) in such a relationship at some point of time in their life, having these skills can help everyone find the best in every relationship.

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Parenting is a challenge that life throws us with very little in terms of how to go about it. With a changing world, every new generation faces a fresh series of challenges on what is the “right” way to raise their kids. While every parent wants to do what’s best, it becomes very difficult when you don’t know what’s best! There is no guided map for parenting, however, a few basic things can be learnt that help to ensure an open, healthy relationship between parents and children.

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Mood Management

Emotions are not something we feel in set structure or patterns. One day we could feel a spike in joy and then that same evening experience blues. This is all normal. However, sometimes our mood can waver too much, or swing way too far to the extremes. This can hamper daily functioning and impair decision making abilities. While experiencing every emotion is what truly brings flavour into our lives, understanding how to manage them helps us function better as a society.

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Thought Management

Humans have over 60,000 thoughts in a day. Were you aware that you think so much? Sifting through all these thoughts helps us understand ourselves better. We begin to understand our motivations and with this awareness, we can learn to make informed decisions. It might be difficult at first, but like everything else it gets better with practice. Just hearing yourself think makes a huge impact on your life.

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Personal Growth

Personal development covers activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance the quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations. Every day we are evolving and changing as human beings. Growing makes sure that this change happens in a positive direction.

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Healthy Aging

Ageing is not necessarily a burden and does not necessarily mean a reduced capability in a person’s ability to contribute to society. Healthy aging is about optimizing opportunities for good health so that older people can take an active part in society and enjoy a high and independent quality of life. This is simple to achieve with continued and consistent good choices in nutrition, exercise, treatments and lifestyle.

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Psycho-Spirituality is the interface of our Consciousness, Mind and Body. It refers to the traditionally or culturally accepted practices that can influence our mental and emotional well-being. There is emerging and widely acceptable evidence that practices like meditation, mindfulness, spiritual cognitive restructuring and concepts like values, altruism, hope, soul consciousness etc. can influence the health of our bodies and our minds.

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Made with care, for you.

Mind Specialists is a platform that has been built with the aim of creating progressive awareness and de-stigmatized conversation around Mental Health and Wellness. We believe that the holistic development of the mind, body and soul is very important to achieving a fulfilled, enriched life. Our mandate is to help you help yourself achieve this balance by providing you with access, education and guidance in all things related to your mind.


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Overcoming Illness

Some days have us down in the dumps and it gets difficult to carry on even with the greatest of efforts. On these days, it becomes even more important for us to understand the root cause of this uneasiness, and find ways to sustain ourselves maintain productivity and overcome these hurdles.

Some of our categories with resources and some assessments include:

Depression Eating Disorders ADHD OCD Anxiety PTSD



Our Programs

Mental Health is more than the absence of Illness-it is a spectrum. Wherever we may be on that spectrum, there are always ways of us to be doing better.

This is where the idea of Better Minds comes in.
The mandate for our program is very simple- we want people to be ahead of wherever they are now.We talk about everything- from stress resulting from exams, overwork, and relationships to how to deal with emotional imbalances in our loved ones.

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Customizable Workshops

We curate according to context. If you’re a company, institution, organization and would like us to to organize live sessions or workshops with our program content, let’s chat!


Psychological First Aid

When terrible things happen in our communities, countries and the world, we want to reach out a helping hand to those who are affected. Psychological First Aid involves humane, supportive and practical help to fellow human beings suffering serious crisis events.

This is a Psychological First Aid guide written for people in a position to help others who have experienced an extremely distressing event. It gives a framework for supporting people in ways that respect their dignity, culture and abilities. Despite its name, psychological first aid covers both social and psychological support.

Perhaps you are called upon as a staff member or volunteer to help in a major disaster, or you find yourself at the scene of an accident where people are hurt. Perhaps you are a teacher or health worker talking with someone from your community who has just witnessed the violent death of a loved one. This guide will help you to know the most supportive things to say and do for people who are very distressed. It will also give you information on how to approach a new situation safely for yourself and others, and not to cause harm by your actions.

This guide – endorsed by many international agencies including World Health Organization (WHO) – reflects the emerging international consensus on how to support people in the immediate aftermath of extremely stressful events.

You can access the original guide in English here.

The exclusive rights to translate the document Psychological First Aid: Guide for Field Workers from English to Hindi has been given by the World Health organization (WHO) to RAHAT Charitable & Medical Research Trust. This guide is available to everyone for downloading free of charge and without any discrimination.


C4MH (Communication for Mental Health) Campaign


India is on the brink of a mental health epidemic.

A WHO report suggests that India is the most depressed country in the world.

1 in 10 Indians suffers from some serious mental illness at some point in their lives.

And if you consider common mental health issues like Depression and Anxiety, the number goes up to 1 in 4 Indians.

Nearly 75% of those affected are never able to understand their illness or seek access to mental healthcare services.

So what is the solution?

Awareness. Capacity Building. Learning Self-help methods. And using the increasing penetration of telecom technology to achieve these ends.

Towards this end, together with The Richmond Fellowship Society (Delhi) and the Department of Development Communication & Extension at Lady Irwin College (Delhi University) we have launched the C4MH (Communication for Mental Health) Campaign.


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