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Why Self-Talk is Crucial Before Exams?

It is a time when all the youngsters, mostly school-going, are busy preparing for their board exam. So, I want to share a little story to help students make their minds stress free. Generally, during board exams, every student has pressure from family, friends, and teachers to score well. This often makes them stressed and leads to low self esteem and low grades.

Years ago, when I was preparing for my board exams, I had faced similar pressure. I was unable to concentrate on the topics I knew very well because of the constant pressure. On the exam day, I just made up my mind to concentrate and feel confident on topics which I learnt. I tried my level best to  distract myself from all the thoughts and other talks.

And believe me, when I came back, I insisted on doing a self-talk every day. It helps to embrace positivity and you will see a great change in and around yourself.

I wish students all the best for the exams. Keep learning.

Ayesha Siddiqa