Everyone feels worried or tense sometimes. Stress is the physical and emotional response that’s necessary for dealing with situations that are frightening, confusing or exciting. But if there is too much stress, it can trigger off many diseases and disorders.

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Work Stress

The majority of an adult’s life is spent at their workplace where they are under extreme pressure to compare, perform and excel. Typically, the workplace environment brings together individuals with a wide range of differences which inadvertently cause conflict. Some may also face issues like discrimination, harassment, low motivation and communication problems. It becomes essential t understand how to cope with these to maintain a sense of peace of mind.

Exam Stress

Adolescence is not an easy time for kids. Along with undergoing physical and emotional changes, they are, for the first time in their lives facing the world outside without parental guidance and protection. Processing all of this can be pressuring and may result is mental tumult. They may face a wide range of problems from exam stress and bullying to substance abuse and aggression. A healthy adolescence is important to ensure a well-rounded adulthood for the individual.