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#MyMannDay – Why You Shouldn’t Flee Your Emotions?

I’m an introvert, and I never liked to share my feelings with anyone. I used to think that sharing my feelings would make me vulnerable. I thought people might not understand, and I would make a joke of myself if I told them how I felt.

But one day I was sitting with my friends, and having fun, and just like that, my friend slapped me to tease me. I started crying for no particular reason. My friends got so scared, like what just happened.

We were having a great time, and now, I was all in tears. They couldn’t understand that. I was going through a bad phase at that time. I was terrified, wanted to cry, wanted someone to tell me everything will work out, everything will be ok, and that wasn’t happening, and that slap just triggered those emotions. At that moment, I realized the emotional burden I have been carrying was too much, and I had to let go of that. 

I need to feel my emotions, I need to cry when I want to, only then I can be truly happy. We are humans and feeling these emotions is part of us being human. We can’t just ignore what we feel and assume things are just fine, and we are okay when we are not. ”Khul Ke Ro Nahin Sakogi to Khul Kar Hass Kaise Paogi” this is one of my favorite quotes from the movie ‘Dear Zindagi’. This line perfectly explains why we should feel all our emotions equally.

– Meenakshi