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#MyMannDay – Whistling Words

My poems are just the way I express my feelings. I am a very introvert person when it comes to sharing emotions or my feelings with someone. My poems are my expression on the paper which will not judge me ever. For me writing is a beautiful gesture towards our own feeling. It gives me satisfaction as well as it makes me feel comfortable.  I just pen down my thoughts and whistle it out in words.


It was a dark night,

The rooms were lit with a bright light.

She was all alone, thinking, fiddling with her phone, she tried to sleep but failed. He was haunting her and weren’t letting her sleep weren’t leaving her alone . She begged him  please leave me.

You’ll not get anything from me but only darkness you’ll see.

He replied: I don’t care about the darkness. It’s my creation.

I’m the reason for you not sleeping,

I’m the reason for you always weeping.

I make you think all the time.

I stole your smile and shine.

She asked him: who are you? Why are you doing this?

He replied: I am depression reason for your suppression.

I create tension without your mention.


People call you mad because of me,

Society do not accept you with me,

You can’t tell people about me,

I will stick to you and won’t let you be free.

I will you take you in isolation,

And break all your relation.

I am a devil,

Will make evil.

I force people to commit suicide,

They kill themselves and do as i guide.

Because I am depression reason for your suppression.

-Alka Pal