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#MyMannDay – Tuning into Myself, with Music

I have had days when I felt absolutely nothing. I did not feel the need to respond or talk. There was a strange kind of numbness that took over me, and well, my entire life. I fail to understand the exact reason why it happened, but I do know that something just felt not right. It was not that I felt sad all the time. It just took a lot of effort to be happy. 

I limited talking to friends and family. I craved my space even if it was staying in bed. It was during those times when I heard myself humming to the music that was playing in the background. I pondered how someone can write the exact words you yearn to hear. 

I made it a practice to listen to similar music tracks. I started to get the hang of the rhyme, the words, the tune, the MUSIC! There was an unbelievable power in doing just that. I remember how I used to look forward to going home, playing another song, and decoding it. I felt at ease like I never felt before. It was a new-found love.

Music helped me breathe better. It made me connected to myself. The kind of calm it gives you, the motivation to get going, the words to find your path, it speaks to you if you listen carefully. I found life lessons in every song I heard. At times, the best therapy comes from an unknown song written by a total stranger, that you heard while boarding the metro, from a friend, and you know it is for you. 

Music helped me get back to myself. Always remember that,

‘Lights will guide you home.’

May you all always have your favorite tunes with you.

– Anonymous