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#MyMannDay – The Power of A Positive Perspective

This is the time when I finished my boards, I was not getting enough marks and that was the start of it. I myself had planned to score less to convince my father to allow me to do a course of fashion designing. Though I convinced him, but fate didn’t work in my favor. 

I got admission in a different place in a different environment, and psychology was the course. The first six months were not easy. I was not ready to accept reality. I had no interest, no friends, no commitments, and was left with nothing.

Soon I realized that things are not going my way and it’s better to accept and adjust to it. Even this decision did not turn in my favor immediately. It took me months to finally adjust and accept my studies, and make new friends. 

I learned a great lesson that you can’t have what you want in life. But at the same time, one can make peace and find joy in what you already have. It’s all about your perception towards things you face. It can be against you will, but opening yourself to what life has to offer than what you want, can be a blessing in disguise. Other times, it helps you find solutions as well. 

Healing phase was slow, but I made sure each step I take ultimately will make me stronger. One day, I am going to be there with a heart full of happiness. This helped me to prove myself and pushed me to live with purpose instead of complaining.

– Aishwarya Venkat