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#MyMannDay – The ‘invisible’ disability

I am an adult with Asperger’s. I was diagnosed at the age of 28. Till then it was one hell of a ride. As a student I was in Delhi’s best school in North Delhi and no one was able to pinpoint that I am on the spectrum. My school life was filled with bullying, both physical and emotional and it was not just from students but also from teachers. After finishing school it took me a decade to forget it all but I still can’t forgive them for treating me like a piece of rag. My dreams are still about them and how it all went, things I could have done to change it, revisiting the same memories.
My parents and close friends are aware about my diagnosis but they still don’t understand autism as such. They are happy that I am alive and fine. It will take me years to get back on my feet but I have realised how bad we all are to treat people with disabilities. Disabled for us is someone who is missing a hand or leg but we don’t realise that not all disabilities are visible.
– aboywhogreupasanaspie