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#MyMannDay – The environment around is what matters

I was born in an era where talking about mental health issues was considered utter nonsense. People would call people crazy without any rhyme or reason and getting offended by it meant you are too sensitive!! And trust me being educated or uneducated has no relation whatsoever to take psychological issues seriously. It’s about a person’s own outlook. I am glad now the awareness for psychological issues and mental health is increasing. I am sharing my story with such a large audience for the first time and I thank Mind Specialists for this opportunity.

I was raised by educated parents but still they never understood my psychological and emotional needs. My father was a disciplinarian and he would not even consider thinking about the kind of physical punishments that he gave his daughter and son. I sometimes wonder if kids today who complain about being scolded by their parents would ever survive being beaten by a stick, belt or a full broom. Would they ever be able to face punishments like standing on one leg for hours with your hands extended, standing in a tub of water on a cold night for hours or something simpler like kneeling for hours with your arms extended.

Everyone says that a person who tries to commit suicide is a coward…..but just think of it this way….why would a person willingly want to end his life if everything is alright? Just turn around and listen to how most people talk about death….the moment you say death everyone will hush you and tell you to shut-up!! Not even a 90 year old wants to die then what makes a person give up? It takes a lot for a person to reach the stage where the desire to live just ends….I have been there and done that and that’s why I can fairly say I wanted to live I truly did but I couldn’t take any more criticisms from my dad…..when you keep hearing that you are good for nothing over the years even after trying to follow all the rules you actually start believing it….when your own parent says even plastic surgery can’t fix your face you actually lose your self esteem!! And when your parent who is supposed to be your support and guide refuses to give any financial aid for letting you go to study abroad because they need money for their retirement then you just can’t trust anyone anymore.

I became a counselor because I understand what emotional pain is and I wanted to help anyone who needs a shoulder to cry on without any judgments. People around need to understand that being psychologically disturbed isn’t synonymous to being “pagal” and going to a psychologist is not a style statement! We all need to vent and we need to do so in an environment which is neutral so if you can’t provide that at home please let the person get help from somewhere else.

-Aarti George