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#MyMannDay – The Crucial Role of Family in Child Development

Family is the most important thing in everyone’s life. It affects the early development of the child and plays a role in defining the person that they will become. A child who grows in a happy and healthy family prospers more than the child in abusive families. 

I am a sister of two brothers. One is nine years younger, and one is two years older than me. When you grow up in a family where your parents don’t share a healthy relationship, it creates a void in your heart with their constant everyday fights. What do you do when your mother is suffering from domestic violence for so many years, your elder brother has a visual impairment, and the burden of responsibility is on you.

You forget about your dreams and desires. I don’t have anyone with whom I can share my problems, seek advice, or even talk. I always have had difficulty having relationships be it with my friends or my father. The situations in life made me sensitive, emotional, and indecisive. I feel suffocated in my own house, and it affects my emotional and mental well being.

We all feel we need professional counseling at times, and I have been feeling the same for a while. But the question of finances comes in the picture. I feel helpless and don’t know who to go to for help. 

I strongly feel that every child should be counseled in the early years so they don’t go on the wrong path. They know how to acknowledge and manage their emotions in the right manner! 

– Anonymous