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#MyMannDay – Talk it Out!

I have always felt that it’s okay for people to change with time and gradually adapt themselves to the situations and act in a certain way but unfortunately the “change” consumes a lot out of you.

I have realized some major things in the last five months. I have been extremely excited about my post grad getting over and how I would be starting a new chapter of the so called “lit work life” thereafter.

They say, work stress is fairly common but what about the complexities inside that one word. When you start losing your peace of mind, your sleep, your balanced lifestyle and what not.

I have lately been in situations where I have felt so drained mentally and emotionally. I have been awake for several nights, cried while hiding in the washroom, hated myself for not being good at what I chose to do, contemplating if I entered the right field or not, of how future will be, if this is gonna consume more of me, my happiness and most importantly my mental well-being.

I tried secluding myself from people but that made it worse. Eventually I spoke to a friend about it, shared all the instances that were bothering me a lot and I realised, that helps. Talking to someone helps. Thankfully, people around me, especially my friends are empathetic enough to understand my situations and help me through it by just being there when I was at my low.

“Talk about your problems with people whom you trust and love, unburden yourself and let things go, if at all you cannot talk to people, talk to yourself, find out solutions by giving yourself time and love, by being there with yourself”.

Nothing is more important than your mental health.

– Tanvi Khurana