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#MyMannDay – Stress

Stress is temporary,
Distress is temporary,

Why do you always worry?

Why are you always in a hurry?

Sometimes, it’s okay to just lie back, chill,
And remember glass half empty, half fill 

Then why does negativity occur still,
Your joy, it does kill.

Sometimes we feel happy,
Even if the weather is crappy,
Sometimes we feel like crying,
Isn’t it normal, that’s I’m saying.

Nothing is permanent,
But positivity is an ornament.
It helps gain freedom,
From permission and freedom

Take a step back,
Get your life on track.
Sometimes, it’s okay to sit idle,
But not let your life be reduced to a riddle.

Calm yourself down,
Maybe with the help of a clown.
Do not frown,
When there is no ecstasy in the town.

Stress is temporary,
Distress is temporary.
Then why do you always worry?
And why are you always in a hurry?

– Apoorva Khanna