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#MyMannDay – Quarantine and Cooking

My cooker whistled and I was wondering why I chose to make the toughest daal. Why couldn’t I just eat a sandwich instead? My wife giggled but from a tiny screen of my phone and said that I was such a strong person who works tirelessly for the nation even in times of crisis, and daal was making this gentleman sweat! 

Next, she gave me instructions to make the tadka for the daal while it was still boiling in the cooker on the other stove. Meanwhile, all I could think was how desperately I want all this to get over and see her and my two kids in person. My eyes became teary, but it wasn’t the onions this time. 

I was surely having a tough time with the pressure cooker, but also otherwise. The only thing that is keeping me positive is my family’s support and my passion for serving my nation in this khaki outfit. 

No doubt I felt a lot better when my daughter came in between the video call and said, ‘‘Papa I am impressed with your cooking and crisis management skills,” and I laughed. 

The cooker whistled again and I could feel the pressure (even from my head) releasing with it. The lockdown has separated a lot of us from our families, but we will be together again, happily, and with better health. It’s going to end soon and till then all we have to do is, stay safe & stay home. 

Jai Hind!

– Pratap Singh