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#MyMannDay – Poetic Expressions

My poems are just the way I express my feelings. I am a very introvert person when it comes to sharing emotions or my feelings with someone. My poems are my expression on the paper which will not judge me ever. For me writing is a beautiful gesture towards our own feeling. It gives me satisfaction as well as it makes me feel comfortable.  I just pen down my thoughts and whistle it out in words.


I am a victim of molestation, yes I,And saying it aloud, I don’t shy.

Molestation doesn’t mean only by touching,

It can be by words too.

I was not that old,

He is my cousin I was told.

He was my favourite cousin,

To be with him I had all the reasons.

He used to play with me,

His true colours I couldn’t see.

Often we used to go out,

On his intentions I had no doubts.

He was much elder to me,

Around the age of 23.

One night he touched me and I freaked out,

I was alone, helpless, shocked and couldn’t even shout.

It got stuck in my mind I couldn’t share it with anyone,

Neither anyone I could find, all I could do was just run,

This incident shook the mental state.

– Alka Pal