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#MyMannDay – Passion for a meaningful life!

Like most of us, I also started working in a 9-5 job, weeks and months passed, but I wasn’t satisfied and happy working there. 

I always felt there is something that’s missing, but whenever I used to go to the gym after my work, I felt good from within. I was the ‘fat kid’ during my school days so there was never a love towards the gymming route. Now that I was working, going to gym felt therapeutic to me and so I started to go there regularly and felt better each day. 

It wasn’t just about my workout, it was my diet and determination too, so I started taking an interest in fitness as a subject. I started to realize that I am actually not happy in this 9-5 setup, so I thought of switching my career. It was that point where most of the people my age got settled thereby making it a tough decision for me to make. 

But now that I look back, I am happy I that I took that decision. Later I took it further and enrolled myself in various fitness certification courses to learn about the subject in its entirety. After completing my certifications, I am now employed as a personal trainer with a well-known brand, and I feel amazing to be able to help people struggling with body image and health issues. 

It makes me happy and fills the void that I was earlier feeling. I am able to contribute through my skills to eliminate the social stigmas related to health. With the journey I have had, I firmly believe that happiness shall soon follow if you do what you love.

– Himansh Diwan