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#MyMannDay – My family, my strength

How my family helped me in coping with a dark period in my life. When I turned 13, the teenage phase of my life, I was overwhelmed with all the changes my body and mind were going through. It was difficult for me to adjust to those changes. I started to cry a lot and had trouble sleeping. I indulged in self-doubt and had low confidence. Through all this, my family played a major role in getting me back on track. They never reacted negatively and always listened to me. My parents didn’t give up on me and they didn’t just ignore the fact that I was going through something in life. They encouraged me and even though there was nothing specific that had happened, they considered it a phase of life through which one can move on. I am sure it was difficult for them to understand what actually had happened. Even I can’t think of a reason for all the sadness. I am sure they got frustrated too because I would just wake them up in the middle of the night and start crying, but they always put up a good front. Eventually, after a few months, I felt alright again. And today I can even laugh about it. But I will always be grateful to my parents for helping me get through it.