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#MyMannDay – Liberate: My OCD Fighter

I have had OCD since I was in the 8th grade. It did not come gradually- at least that’s not how I experienced it. It felt like a bullet train, crashing into me and taking everything that I valued about myself along with it. My grades, my mind, my spirit. Everything became about OCD- how many times have I done this? Is it even, or odd? What are the implications of this? I was devastated, but even my devastation was interrupted by the intrusive thoughts of OCD. I could not focus on anything.

Soon after I realized the severity of my problem, I approached a therapist to help me in fighting my inner demons. As I began slowly but surely began mending my fractured thought process, I found myself searching for something to dedicate myself to—something that would bring a little spark back in my life. I found that in programming. The logic behind carefully crafting algorithms both relaxed and enthralled me, helping with my healing process.

After two long years, emerging victorious from my harrowing battle with OCD, I decided that no one, NO ONE should ever have to feel the way I felt. No one deserved that. So, using my newfound passion, I started coding an app to help people who have OCD on their journey to recovery. Throughout this process, I met many people who had OCD, and learned about their own experiences, in a way that was therapeutic to myself and hopefully to them as well. I released the app after six months of hard work, and christened it ‘Liberate: My OCD Fighter’. Check it out if you can.  

– Kaajal Gupta