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#MyMannDay – I Found Happiness Within

I don’t know if people can relate to it or not, but it’s a feeling where you have everything but still feel something’s missing. I was great at school, college and am good at my work. I have the most supportive family and friends around me. But still, there always used to be a feeling of ‘something missing’. 

I always felt a void in my life. No amount of success, love or efforts could make me feel happy. I pinned it down to too many things – I tried learning something new; brushed up a few skills; went on a few dates; turned to spirituality – but nothing – NOTHING could give me the happiness and satisfaction I was looking for.

Until I realised that, I was looking for it at all the wrong places.

I was trying to find my happiness in things that were out of my control. Things that were external to me, what I didn’t realise was that it was all based on my perspective. It was something inside me. It was me who had to find it within myself, rather than looking for it outside. Since then, each day, I’ve tried to find happiness in the smallest things of my life – a chirpy bird, the wind, a squirrel, a text from a friend, an old photograph, a conversation and most importantly – in self-care.

So, to everyone reading this – remember – happiness lies within. Stop finding it in places where you won’t find it. You’ll find it in one place – yourself.

– Anonymous