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#MyMannDay – I am still scared to be body shamed

I was body shamed in 5th Std by being called “Moti Maharani” because I used to be a little plump. The girls wouldn’t play with me and they kept on teasing me with that name. Eventually, the girl who made this name up did apologize in the class. But I don’t know why I still can’t forget how they would tease me during recess.

I lost a lot of weight in 12th std due to stress and became stick thin. As a kid who used to be healthy, I used to believe that if I lose weight, I’ll be very happy. But when actually I lost it, it was due to a lot of stress and I didn’t feel happy about it.

In the past one year I have tried to accept my body the way it is now. I started following somebody’s positive YouTube channels and Instagram pages. But honestly, I am still a little scared to go back to being plump and being body shamed again.

-Kanishka Gupta