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#MyMannday – Fight for your lovely life, Fight for yourself

Depression in LGBTQ community is usually rooted in discrimination and victimization from childhood & adolescence.
Depression & Anxiety Disorder is very common issue nowadays but very few people come out and speak about it, accept about it, expose about it. But until unless you will not speak, how would people know about it, understand about this mental disorder disease or help you out
it from! But I am not ashamed to talk about as anyone has to take initiative to speak up to help others or inspire others.
A Big Thanks to Mind Specialists for starting something very helpful and inspirational cause which help us to become more Stronger, Bold & The Most Influential Personality. As I
belong to #lgbtqcommunity, I faced depression at each & every step of life whether it’s family issues, society acceptance, mental, financial, physical, personal, professional every time I have been gone through this phase of illness.
Before, I couldn’t speak to anyone about this or couldn’t even imagine that I’m in depression. It was like by birth I brought it with me all the time. But I never sit back and cried. I started to find out solutions of problems, reasons of problems, options of problems and end of the day it’s my individual fight so I had to come out from it, own ways rather than seeking any help because I know there was no one to help me and still it’s going on.
I used to read articles of celebrities, motivational videos of celebrities and their inspirational quotes. Secondly, my god gift Dance helped me to come out from this situation. It’s up to us how take over the illness on us. Because nobody would support you eventually. Fight for yourself, Fight for your lovely life, Fight for your loved ones.
At last, I just want to say whenever you find any person in depression, help them, support them & love them. End of the day Love only can do miracles. Once Again Thanks to Mind Specialists for giving this opportunity to share the story and strength to speak up!
– Brijesh