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#MyMannDay – External Vs Internal Validation – Who’s The Winner?

They say ‘seeking validation is human behavior’. I beg to differ. I, at a point in my life, was wanting to seek validation. It was as if I was running around to get a certificate – a Certificate of Being Perfect. I always thought that pleasing people, making them understand how ‘awesome’ I am will help me feel how good I am. What others felt about ME was important, rather than what I thought about ME. I always weighed myself in comparison to what others said about me.

I never valued myself. Until that one day.

I do not know how to express that day in words. But in a nutshell, I was on the verge of breaking into pieces and had lost all #hope in life. I was tired – so tired – of trying to find validation. But it was this one sentence that one of my closest friends said (which ultimately changed my outlook towards life) 

‘Do you think you’ve reached a stage in life where your opinions, your views and you, yourself don’t matter to YOU?’

I don’t know if people can relate to it or not. But it made me feel as if I was merely looking at everything with the wrong lens. In the race of pleasing others and making them think ‘good’ about me, I forgot the most important being in my life – MYSELF.

It is highly crucial to value oneself. The people who say that ‘validation is human behavior’ – alright – but why can’t that validation come from deep within? Why do I give someone else that much power to my life? It is okay to take others’ #opinions and suggestions – but that should not dictate as to how do I want to live my life. 

So, to everyone reading this, I’m not saying that do not have connections or #relationships with people. But always remember, do not seek validation from them. Internal validation is the most important – and it’s time we realize it.

– Anonymous