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#MyMannDay – Expressing feelings through words, always

After being sexually abused at the age of 14, life has not been easy in anyway shape or form. Generalized anxiety disorder is something I live with daily and something I lived with single-handed for 4 years as I didn’t believe that I was worthy enough of getting help.

In December last year I finally spoke out about it. Writing is something that has helped me through amongst other things such as my pets and photography. Hoping that one day my poetry will inspire and motivate others to become the person that they have always been.


Your journey through life will never be smooth sailing,
time after time you will battle against the choppy waves and the difficult storms,
some days you will feel like you are drowning in the rain.
Strength will put you through the darkest of nights,
the choppiest of waves,
the hardest of storms.
You are brave.
You deserve a place aboard this ship.

– E.M Martyn