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#MyMannDay – Counting Colours

Art has always been a release for me- ever since I was a kid. I enjoyed the calm it would bring me. Drawing clean straight lines and filling them with every colour from my imagination. Slowly, as I grew older this stopped. School stops art after you reach Grade 6 and my parents took me off my Art classes because “Boards”. Like it often happens, I forgot this part of my childhood as focus shifted to other things. Over the last year, with finally *cough* adulting like people my age are expected to, I noticed that I started to get stressed. My mind would jump between thoughts, always looking for stimulation- especially because of all the social media I was exposed to as part of the job. Ironically, on one such day, completely bored, I found this book on Amazon and ordered it on a whim.

Colouring has since really helped me bring peace back to my brain. If I’m feeling restless or bored, especially without good reason, colouring carefully in these tiny boxes, symmetrically, really helps and allows me to learn how to focus better. Since then I have researched and found that Art Therapy is a real thing and helps people around the world feel better! Colouring is a great release.

-Meenal Velani