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#MyMannDay – Colouring away stress!

Starting on an absolute honest note, I am not sure what good mental health means, but I sure can think out loud about my take on trying to be happy. When I think of all the things that affect my mind, it would be the everyday milestones I need to cross. Sometimes it becomes too hectic at work, and sometimes I find myself arguing over how to maintain my individuality in any relationship. Then there are times when I ponder over the most critical question – Am I doing justice to myself – my mind, body, voice and money?

Thus, all the unexpected stress that exists in my life revolves around trying to keep things ‘perfect’. How do I deal with all this to ensure that I don’t keep cracking dead baby jokes all the time? It’s my colouring book and travelling to the hills! Occasionally, I try to go away from the regular tasks and immerse myself in the lap of mountains and colours (:

P.S. It’s not fair to burden your loved ones with your happiness all the time, own it and make it happen because it’s just one online transaction away!

– Aayushee Sharma