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#MyMannDay – Calming Anger through Arts & Crafts

Everyone has emotions and anger is one of them. Being angry for the things you don’t like is okay sometimes, but how we express it plays quite an important role. We all have our highs and lows in life and I have them too. I remember the first time when I realized that my anger is not expressed in the right way, and for once I thought I am actually capable of hurting someone.

I used to get really angry when I couldn’t speak what I am feeling inside. I kept it inside because I thought no one would understand. This ended with me taking it out on other things that affected me.

I couldn’t take a direct ‘NO’. Asking permission from my parents for going on a school trip, and with them saying ‘No’ would make me furious and made me want to throw things away.  

One day I decided to invest this extra rush of energy into something else. I love painting, doodling, and origami. Art and Craft became therapeutic to me. It is restorative and sanative.

So whenever I felt the need to calm my anger,  art helped me. It helped not just in calming me, but also uplifted my mood. All the colors and paints make me happy. Art has always been a hobby, but it helps me in situations where I can’t use words.

– Srishti Malik