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#MyMannDay – Belief is magic! You are the magician!

Biting nails, revision after revision, and fear of not performing up to the mark! Phew, exam struggle is real!

Back in time, when I was about to appear for my Physics Board exam of standard 12th, I felt hopeless. The visual of endless pages inked with mathematical formulae and detailed diagrams used to haunt me. Gives me chills even now! The baggage of societal expectations wrapped nicely with parental pressure was never really a gift. I remember sitting in my balcony one night before my board exam, crying my heart out, waiting for boards to be over soon. The pressure was real, the cry for help was genuine, the burden spoke louder than anything!

To comfort my aching heart, I used to write notes for myself. I wanted paper to be home to my thoughts and feelings. Inking pages that remind you – who you are as a person is independent of how much you score in an exam; that your identity and purpose in life is way more than just being a fancy grade resting in a report card; that no grade can dictate your future or define your capabilities.

Sometimes what we need is not the best grade or the highest of marks. At times, what we crave is a reminder. It’s absolutely okay to not score well, but it is unacceptable to hate yourself because of it. If no one told you this before, you are meant to shine like stars in the sky. Believe in yourself.

-Urvi Gauri