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#MyMannDay – Battle with Bullying

Throughout my school life up until 7th grade I used to look like this.
It made me feel good but my peers did not think the same about it. I was bullied relentlessly every day. So much so that I cried when I came home every single day. I feared to go to school the next day. Eventually, I started growing out my hair and started becoming more girly in the traditional sense. It stopped the bullying but I lost my sense of self in it. I developed severe anxiety. My anxiety attacks would be so bad that I would faint after them. My social anxiousness reached to the point where I wouldn’t talk to strangers, not even to order food. I became highly dependent on the people around me, which drove everyone away and led me to depression. I went to therapy for some months but even that did not help. In the end, I had to realize it was my battle with my mind and I made the conscious effort to work for the betterment of myself. I am not there yet but I am also not far away. My message to all those who have suffered at the hand of bullying or are suffering is that they are not strong enough as you. They tease because they are insecure to be not able to express themselves as openly as you can. Let them talk and you keep your head held high and remember to only bend down if you are helping someone to get up.
-Ishita Bharti