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#MyMannDay – Allow yourself to Heal

Personally, realising the triggers has been a battle. What affects me and why it affects me the way it does, takes hell lot of headspace and rational arguments in favour. I’m still in the process of healing, but over time I’ve realised not to depend on someone else for your happiness. Sure, you have traumas from the past to carry and your reasons to get hurt in the process, but it’s up to you how much you are willing to take, the boundaries you created to not allow toxicity in your life. Some incidents do require therapy for you’ve grown up thinking it was your fault but the burden is not yours to carry. Prioritize yourself and allow yourself to heal. It takes courage and support from the people you trust to know that you’re not alone. There’s always someone who’s willing to listen. Reach out to them and seek help.

– @Ridhixyz