Mind Specialists / Intern


It’s always a delight to work with individuals who are passionate to work for the cause of Mental Health. We’re looking for people from varied fields such as Psychology, Research, Film Making, Designing, Communication, Training, Arts among others – who can strengthen the project with their skillset.


Maitri Jain

I came to know about Mind Specialists from one of my friends who has been associated with it. She told me about how working in this organization has been a great learning experience for her.

I too decided to apply here as an intern. I was a research intern at Mind Specialists, and I did secondary research on the topic “Mental Health First Aid: A Guide For Youth”, which talks about how a layperson can help those around them, who might be going through a mental health problem. 

I found the atmosphere of the organization relaxed and it didn’t put a lot of pressure on me and built my internal motivation to work. The people made me feel a part of the organization. It is an intellectual as well as fun space to work in. For instance, we all used to sit together and have lunch; we sometimes went for walks, or ordered food and had some little chit chat about movies, recent happenings, and whatnot. 

But at the same time, we engaged in a lot of discussions ranging from topics of physics to psychology. Sujatha Ma’am and Avdesh Sir were always really helpful, guiding me whenever I come across any problems, and made me feel at home.

I learned a lot here and got exposed to different dimensions of mental health. My research skills were honed in a way that they would not have been had I not interned here. In addition to that, we had sessions explaining to us how to take a case history and perform a mental status examination. We went through various cases and tried to come to a diagnosis for each. The other session was on counseling skills. We also got practical experience by doing role plays on the same. Overall, my experience has been really good and I’d definitely like to come here again if I get the chance. 

As my own internship experience has come to an end, I must say that my experience was better than I had believed it to be.

2nd Year, B.A. (Hons.) Psychology

Summer Intern, 2019

Aastha Sarin

I’m a 21-year-old pursuing a master’s in Organizational Psychology. My journey with Mind Specialists began with accidentally landing on their website. Since then it has been a journey full of opportunities and learnings. 

The team at Mind Specialists is warm and cordial, making me feel right at home. Working at Mind Specialists made me realize about the realities around mental health, and where and how I can contribute towards the cause with my academic background in organizational psychology.

I was a research intern, who studied, ‘Mental Health Promotion in Workplaces’ under the experts Dr. Sujata and Dr. Advesh Sharma. 

One of the most important things I gather from my internship is –  irrespective of what field you come from, you can always play a role in the mental health sphere. I look forward to the great work that Mind Specialists will do in the future, and am thankful for the small part I got to play.

1st Year, M.A. Organizational Psychology

Summer Intern, 2019

Muskan Datta

I was a summer intern at Mind Specialists. It was one of the best internships I’ve ever had. I could work at my own pace and ask for help at any point without hesitation. Everyone was very helpful and supportive. The office culture is extremely positive and made me feel part of the Mind Specialists family. I gained hands-on experience that is not possible in a classroom setup. I really value this experience because it helped me develop the skills of communication and made me understand the importance of team contributions. I would cherish the meaningful conversations and discussions I’ve had here.

2nd Year, B.A. (Hons.) Psychology

Summer Intern, 2019