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We truly believe that the conversation around Mental Health has to be that- a conversation. This is why we invite you to collaborate with us, in any way you want to, so that together we can remove the stigma attached to Mental Health discussions and step towards Stronger and Better Minds.
Each individual project has its own Needs, Goals and Budget Requirements which is why specific plans, time-frames and financials can only be finalized once the Scope of Work has been identified. For more details, please contact us at:




Mental Health has huge implications in the physical, social, spiritual and economic health of an individual and requires to be taken into account for any health program or intervention planned for various groups. Intervention in educational institutions, work places, special groups or settings requires rigorous planning and execution. We can provide consultants specializing in various niche needs that would benefit organizations, communities, institutions and policy bodies for fostering emotional well-being and positive health, especially mental health for groups and individuals. We also provide Mentoring and Life coaching to achieve specific goals, overcome blocks and shape holistic growth in personal and group settings.



Stigma and discrimination against those with Mental Illness requires advocacy campaigns. We design programs for advocacy, awareness, and attitudinal changes for specific purposes, populations and problems. Mental health issues are gaining ground as a focus in corporate and not-for-profit organizations. We can support these advocacy thrusts by our combined experience of many decades in carrying out such programs.


Content Development

With the changes in media engagement and technology, Media Outreach has become very important to yield dividends. Our production house, Mind Vision Enterprises, is empaneled with the DAVP and specializes in creating audio and video content on mental health for all platforms- TV, radio, short films, documentaries and digital mediums. We enable planning and execution of media programs and strategies, tailor-made for your needs and requirements. The focus would be on cost-effectiveness, impact and consistent engagement.

Media Partners: Mind Vision Enterprises and RAHAT



With our experience in mental health and wellness, we have developed workshops and training models for various organisations. These can be created to suit your object of focus which could range from children, adolescents and workplaces but also extend to corporates and health professionals etc. Our workshops can be delivered both online and onsite.



If you are interested in contributing to the cause of Mental Health and Wellness in India, you can Donate here.

The RAHAT (Rehabilitation of Ailing Humans through Action and Treatment) is a non-profit charitable organisation created to meet a growing need for community based programs in the field of health, particularly mental health, laying special emphasis on preventive education, early intervention and rehabilitation.

 was formed in 1988 to augment the meagre existing facilities in the area of health education and action programs with community orientation. This need was particularly felt amidst the increasing stresses of modern living, leading to a breakdown in the coping abilities of individuals caught at such crossroads. 

For Indian donors: All donations to RAHAT Charitable & Medical Research Trust are exempt from Income Tax under section 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961.

For Foreign donors: RAHAT Charitable & Medical Research Trust can receive foreign contributions directly as it is exempt under FCRA (Foreign Contributions Regulation Act).