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#MyMannDay – Stress

Stress is temporary, Distress is temporary, Why do you always worry? Why are you always in a hurry? Sometimes, it’s okay to just lie back, chill, And remember glass half empty, half fill  Then why does negativity occur still, Your joy, it does kill. Sometimes we feel happy, Even if the weather is...

#MyMannDay – My Furry Four-Legged Therapist

In a world where people are always absorbed in work to score the first place in the rat race, it’s important to stay close to what makes us happy! Something that makes us forget about all our worries instantly.  Different people have different ways of dealing...

#MyMannDay – Battle with Bullying

Throughout my school life up until 7th grade I used to look like this. It made me feel good but my peers did not think the same about it. I was bullied relentlessly every day. So much so that I cried when I came home every...

#MyMannDay – Counting Colours

Art has always been a release for me- ever since I was a kid. I enjoyed the calm it would bring me. Drawing clean straight lines and filling them with every colour from my imagination. Slowly, as I grew older this stopped. School stops art...