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Striking The Right Balance – The Women Of 21st-Century

The women of today are no longer bound by the rigid pull of patriarchy. They demand an equal stance and have made the world believe that their role is surely more than that of a nurturer or a homemaker.  It all boils down to their own choices and how they wish to live a life that fits the bill as per their dictionary. The young women of today are much stronger, confident, and self-sufficient, and that makes us want to visit history and applaud the wonder women who then started this revolution for equality.

As women across the globe pave their way into the world full of everyday challenges, leaving a mark in whatever they do; the 21st-century women won’t settle for anything less than perfect. They want it all: a blissful family, a fulfilling career, and some solitude to peek within.

A balanced life, as they call it.

The question women juggle with quite more than often is how to strike a harmony between work and home? As idealistic as it may sound; it’s possible to achieve the equilibrium state and women are already proving that to us. So, as we celebrate the spirit of womanhood and promote the idea of equality in every sphere of a woman’s life; here’s a quick read on how to ace the work-life balance for our ladies who want to have the best of both the worlds:

Identify priorities

It is crucial and of utmost significance to be able to map what’s the need of the hour. The best way to analyze is to keep asking yourself the right questions at all times. What are the tasks that can’t be avoided at work? When to spend a little extra time with your family and watch your son win that cricket match? It’s on you as to how you set priorities straight from the very start and communicate it with your supervisor and workmates for better clarity.

Communication is the key

There sadly is no superpower that can make people understand what’s on your mind. Hence, try talking to a colleague if something has been troubling you at work. To be able to discuss with the team about what’s the issue been; be it time flexibility, long work hours etc.  will only turn the tide in your favor.

Healthy work environment

With more and more organizations stepping towards improving the work conditions for women, it’s been a delight to witness baby steps for a better tomorrow. It’s important to make sure that the environment around you is healthy so you’re able to deliver your best. So what does it take, you ask? 3 scoops of family support, 2 scoops of a healthy work environment and the unstoppable you!

Be easy on yourself

It’s fine if you’re taking longer than usual to get your hands on the new work project. It’s important to understand that we all have our own pace and our fair share of struggles. The fact is you’re giving your best shot in spite of the outside noise and that is what truly matters. It’s great to strike the right balance and be able to do what is required of you without much hassle, but at times, it’s fine to meet failure midway for it will only make a human. Be easy on yourself.

Disconnect to Reconnect

Hear me out! You are doing such a great job. Probably the only thing you’re missing out on is, well, life. There always will be long pending emails staring at you constantly, and it will only get more and more hectic with time. The art to master it is to slow down, a little. Understand that you are not a machine, and don’t let the work make you one. Take regular breaks, go out to soak some sun, witness the beauty of nature. Give yourself the time to breathe.

Embrace Solitude

When was the last time you watched your favorite movie all by yourself? The last time you ordered your favorite cupcake? There’s beauty in seeing yourself evolve into this independent and strong woman you’ve become. It must have been a journey and as you delve into the art of balancing everything around you with such grace and expertise; here’s something that you should do for yourself too. Give yourself the privilege of knowing the person you are.

Heartfelt gratitude for being who you are. Your individuality is what makes you truly unique. A world awaits where all women, all of them, shall boast of equality and sheer independence to make their own choices. Till then, as they say, empowered women empower women.

“Here’s to strong women may we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”