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Soul Mind Body Continuum

The world as we experience it has been seen in dichotomies – us and them, rural-urban, literate-not literate, rich-poor, developing-developed, white-black, have-have not, men-women etc.  the schism that we experience outside is also tearing us apart inside.  The seamless continuum that we find in nature on land, water, air and sky is a reminder of the fact that we all rise and fall, flourish or get annihilated together. This is true of all of us, the continuum of energy that is Human Being.

The continuum of that which can be seen (body), that which makes it work (mind) and that which is the energy which propels it in a direction based on certain eternal laws, truths and values (consciousness/soul) is the complete truth about us.  Incidentally, it also is the basic principle of being healthy in which the holistic and complete utilization of all that we are is empowered by the person to become Heal-Thy.  (Healing Yourself)

Psycho-spirituality refers to the integration of principles of the Psyche/Mind to realign itself with the powers of the Soul.  It refers to the fact that we cannot exist in isolation and ultimately our internal processes: thought, emotions, memories, habits and personality are also linked to the qualities of the soul like peace, bliss, being light etc. to seek harmony within and around.  It not only empowers us but is also useful for day-to-day living, managing stresses & interpersonal connections and seek self-actualization.

Psycho-Spirituality also is the need for humanity seeking and getting relief from day-to-day distress and strife to managing distress to treating disease and disorder as well as be a becon of light in a troubled world.  The ‘In Sight’ comes from concentration on what is of essence in life and self-thought, emotions and interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships and having a plan for this journey.