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The psycho-spiritual aspects of life to be applied on day-to-day may seem daunting in the beginning but each one of us is actually going through it always.  It may come when we are in a crisis or things are not going our way, we or someone close to us is going through a life threatening situation or are going through an existential crisis or are looking for peace/happiness/harmony/healing/love or nurturing.

Stress may happen if a person, society or nation is in a flux.  The mind becomes disturbed and tries to seek answers, usually that which involves changes in the external world.  However, the process of change and the ability to change can only happen within ourselves.  The changes in lifestyle (sleep, food, exercise, time management, weight optimization etc.) are important but a deeper level change towards thoughts, stress free sleep, reduction of weight of past mistakes or future apprehensions, exercising the will towards peace and happiness will bring about a lasting change in the individual.  The shift in consciousness of the individual can have a cascading effect on others around, at home, work and society at large.

There is a subtle shift that is happening around us across the world.  The solutions being sought have to help the human race or we would perish as a species.  The spiritual practices of prayers, meditation, yoga, tai chi, quigong, energy healings and many others are getting accepted across cultures.  Contemplation, reflection and visualization as tools are no longer useful for self-growth but also for psychosomatic illnesses and psychological problems.  The ability to internalize, practice regularly and using it daily to turn obstacles into opportunities, distress into de-stress and difficulties as just a bend and not the end of life make the psycho-spiritual toolkit a major life skill for all across cultures, age groups and levels of literacy or socio-economic status.

Soulful Saturdays will bring together learning from the ancient texts, contemporary wisdom and their applications in everyday life for a stress free life of purpose, growth, self-actualization and ultimately a New You.