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How to Parent a Child with ADHD: Tips and Techniques

Kids with ADHD are far more active as compared to others. The hyperactivity, the need to act on multiple things at once, trouble sitting alone, etc. can make it a challenging task for parents. But what comes in handy is complete knowledge of the disorder and the adoption of the right strategies to cope with the child’s behaviour.

The foremost step for parents is to acknowledge that children with ADHD have functionally different brains as compared to other kids, even though they look similar in structure. Parents often feel helpless about what to do and what not to do, and hence we hope this article tries to help.

Before we begin, let’s remember that the love and support of parents can play a crucial role in helping children develop positive behavioural techniques and tactics.

Here are some tips for parents to care for a child with ADHD:

Be Honest with your Child

The acceptance of both parents and kids is critical here. Honesty will help build a stronger foundation in the relationship between them. Transparent communication with the child will make them understand that it isn’t their fault. It will take away their self-inflicted guilt. They need talking!

Structured Routine & Affection

A fixed routine will help the child to stay updated as to what the next task is, and it helps to limit distractions. They will look forward to being engaged in activities, new learning, teamwork, etc. A  pat on their back, a smile, small doses of appreciation will make them feel confident and secure in their skin. Break tasks down for them so it’s easier for them to navigate.

Draw a line between their Character & Disorder

It is not fair to them if you compare them in any manner whatsoever, regarding any activity or scores, with other children. But, do not let it become an excuse to run away from schoolwork and other tasks. The solution here is to figure a mode of communication to talk to them about it. Seek help from an expert if you feel confused or are unable to manage their behaviour. Parents need to modify their behavioural techniques to connect with children in a manner they will respond to.

Practice Healthy Lifestyle

A sound sleep is a must for the regulation of energy levels. It helps in stress reduction, keeps one active and stay focused, thereby keeping the child healthy. Research indicates low quality of sleep can have a negative impact on symptoms of ADHD. The habit of channelizing energy by exercising or any physical activity is also a plus.

Focus on their inner strengths

Be their light and help them shine whenever they feel compared to, by the public. Focus on discovering the child’s inner strengths and boosting their self-esteem. They might feel depressed because of the condition they are in, but as parents, the kind of words you say, gestures, body language can help uplift their mood and life.

Keep Distractions at Bay

Children with ADHD lack impulse control and it’s important for people around them to make the surroundings less cluttered. The volume if the television can be put down, less no. of decorative items, simpler and fewer instructions at a time, etc.

Plan Dietary Change

Food can play a great role in managing your child’s behaviour. It is important to recognize what to add and what not to in your child’s diet. Coffee, caffeine, excessive sugar, preservatives should be avoided as they tend to increase the hyperactivity levels.

Seek Help, it’s Okay
There are many online programs and courses for parents that help in empowering parents with specific skills and techniques to tackle their child’s disorder. There is no shame in going to an expert who can help you guide in the best way possible!

Be calm and kind to yourself

Altering your behaviour for the best of your child can become hard at times. Remember to be kind and patient while modifying your child’s behaviour and celebrate the little victories you all have achieved. It’s important too.

Don’t let ADHD become an obstruction

ADHD does not affect intelligence. Nothing in the world can stop your child from succeeding if they put heart and soul into it. With medication and behavioural treatment, children will ADHD will shine in their lives and pursue what their heart desires. The foremost thing they need is their parent’s support and endless love.

Dear Parents, are you listening?